Compare Hair Dryers

ModelWattageWeightPriceSettingsWarrantyAdditional Attachment Available
Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer18751 pound$150-$2002 heat/2 speed12 Month LimitedYes
FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 200020001.2 pounds$150-$2003 heat/2 speed12 Month LimitedYes
BaByliss Pro BABNT6610 Portofino 660020001.8 pounds$75-$1206 heat/6 speed12 Month LimitedYes
Bio Ionic iDry Nano-i5X18001.2 pounds$150-$2003 heat/2 speed12 Month LimitedYes
Farouk CHI 21001800Less than 1 pound$158-$1792 heat12 Month LimitedYes
Supersolano 350018001 pound$105-$1793 heat/2 speed2-year LimitedYes
Twinturbo 350020001.08 pounds$112-$1414 heat/2 speed12 Month LimitedYes
Centrix Q Zone Quiet Dryer15001.5 pounds$99-$2002 heat/2 speed12 Month LimitedYes
Rusk Speed Freak20001.5-3 pounds$68-$2003 heat/2 speed2-year LimitedYes
T3 Featherweight 738081800Less than 1 pound$149 - $2002 heat/2 speed2-year LimitedYes

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