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Top 5 Hair Dryers for 2015

When it comes to purchasing a hair dryer, there are a myriad of features, designs and price ranges to choose from. It can be confusing to sift through all of the information and try to decipher what’s important and what isn’t (is ceramic better? what is ionic conditioning?) We’ve scoured the internet to come up with the top 5 hair dryers of 2015, based on five different criteria that are most important to consumers. They are: wattage, weight, price, settings and warranty. This post was created in order to help consumers decipher the different options when purchasing a hair dryer.

When choosing a hair dryer, the total wattage is extremely important. If you get one that is too low, it will take longer to dry your hair, which could end up causing split ends and other damage. High wattage hair dryers can also cause damage to your hair, and create a dry, frizzy look.

Weight is also important, especially for professional hair stylists. You don’t want to pick something that will weigh your hands down after just a few minutes of use. Lightweight is the key here.

Price is also included as a determining factor in the best hair dryers of 2015. The economy may be improving, but many people are still struggling to make ends meet, and can’t spend a small fortune for a small appliance, no matter how well it works. Having said that, however, people are willing to pay a bit more for something they know will last them a long time.

Settings are also an important factor, as these can be adjusted according to your desired hair style, thickness and time allowance.

Last, warranty was considered as a factor in determining the best hair dryers of 2015. Professionals and non-professionals alike need to know that the unit can be repaired or replaced if there are any defects in the product.

Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer18751 pound$150-$2002 heat/2 speed12 Month Limited
FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 200020001.2 pounds$150-$2003 heat/2 speed12 Month Limited
BaByliss Pro BABNT6610 Portofino 660020001.8 pounds$75-$1206 heat/6 speed12 Month Limited
Bio Ionic iDry Nano-i5X18001.2 pounds$150-$2003 heat/2 speed12 Month Limited
Supersolano 350018001 pound$105-$1793 heat/2 speed12 Month Limited


#1: Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer


Bio Ionic Power Light DryerThis hair dryer has a powerful 1875-watt motor, which means fast drying time, but without leaving hair damaged or frizzy. It is extremely lightweight at just over one pound, so if you are a professional, you can use it all day long without straining your arms and hands. It is equipped with ionic conditioning beads that leave hair feeling soft and smooth. It is ideal for dry, permed or damaged hair. There are two speed/heat settings so you can customize your look based on your hair’s length, condition and strength. This is one of the pricier models, and ranges from $150 to $200. It also comes with a 12-month limited warranty, and is covered for workmanship and parts defects.


#2: FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2000 Professional


FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2000With a 2000-watt motor, this hair dryer does the job in a matter of minutes. The ionic technology conditions hair and is an excellent choice for the professional. At just over 1 pound, it is lightweight enough to use continuously all day long. With a price range of $150-$200 it is one of the more expensive models, but is made to last. There are 3 heat settings, and 2 speed settings which make any hair style easy to achieve. There is also a ‘cool shot’ setting to prevent overheating. The 12-month manufacturer’s limited warranty covers parts and labor defects.


#3: BaByliss Pro BABNT6610 Portofino 6600


BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino DryerThe 2000-watt motor dries hair in minutes, and is the ideal choice for professionals. It weighs in at 1.8 pounds, heavier than the above two dryers, but still lightweight enough to be used by hair stylists in busy salons. It can be purchased for a price between $75 and $120, making it the mid-price range of dryers. There are six heat/speed settings, to give maximum control to the user according to desired hair style, condition, etc. It also comes with a removable air filter that is easy to clean; this will help to extend the life of the unit. There is a four-year limited manufacturer’s warranty included with the purchase of this dryer.


#4: Bio Ionic iDry Nano-i5X


Bio Ionic iDry Nano-i5XThis dryer has 1800 watts of power, and is lightweight at just over one pound. The ionic technology will condition hair as it dries, leaving it soft, silky and smooth. The negative ions will keep the frizz away. The price range for this dryer is $150-$200 putting it in a higher price bracket, but will last for years. There are 3 heat and 2 speed settings, so you can set it according to your desired style and condition of your hair. The cool shot setting will give your scalp a blast of cool air if it gets too hot, even on lower settings. There is a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty that proves the company stands behind their product.


#5: Supersolano 3500 1800 Watt Lite


Supersolano 3500This 1800-watt dryer was made for professionals, but will suit in-home use as well. It weighs just over a pound, so there is no risk of arms or hands getting tired and strained. This dryer won the 2011 “Best of Beauty” award, given by “Allure” magazine. It falls into the mid-range price category, between $85 and $150. There are 5 heat and 2 speed settings, so you can easily get the style you want, without spending hours drying. There is a 12-month limited warranty that comes with this unit. The ionic technology will leave dry or damaged hair soft, conditioned and smooth.


These hair dryers will all dry your hair; you’ll have to ask yourself what is more important to you: wattage, price, variable settings, warranty or having a lightweight model? We’ve rated the top 5 hair dryers according to the above criteria, because that is what many consumers found to be the most important to them. Choose wisely, and do your own research to determine what’s most important to you. Everyone is unique, with different styling wants and needs. Whether you are a professional stylist or you just want to look great for work every day, these dryers can help you get the style you want.

How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer: 7 Questions to Consider

Figuring out how to choose the best hair dryer presents a substantial challenge for women these days—with new technologies promising to practically rip the power from the atom and bend it to your will, infusing hair follicles with seemingly magical powers, it can be hard to know what to believe.

Well, it’s safe to say these hair dryer companies do “layer” it on a bit thick sometimes, so let’s figure out what’s really going on so you can pick the best hair dryer for your specific needs.


1. First Off, How Much Should You Spend?


There are a wide range of hair dryers out there to suit just about any budget, from $20 plastic “wonders” from overseas to high-quality professional dryers that cost $300 or much more.

Looking for a diamond-studded hair dryer for that extra “wow?” These days you can probably find it…

Just keep in mind that those $20 plastic wonders aren’t really wonders for good reason, and exceptionally expensive products are typically targeting the “glamour buyers.” As usual, somewhere in the middle is best.

I recommend a professional-quality dryer for somewhere between $100-$200 as a sensible purchase. If that still seems a little rich for your blood, keep in mind that professional-quality dryers leave your hair healthier, with less damage, and so in the end actually save you money on expensive hair treatments at the salon.

And that’s just smart shopping.


2. How Much Wattage Do You Need?


The amount of wattage directly affects drying time but also can directly affect hair health if you have sensitive hair. If your hair is quite thin and fine or has taken some recent abuse, don’t use more than 1400 watts. If you have straight or slightly wavy hair, hit it a little harder—1400 to 1600 watts will typically do the trick.

Head full of luxurious curls? Whether showing them off or maintaining them, it’s time to really up the volts. Go for1800 to 2000 watts.

No matter what wattage you decide to go with, the real key to minimizing damage to your hair is always keep your hand moving rather than directing the heat at one spot for long periods of time.

Electricity Voltage Note: keep in mind that if you plan to do some traveling, different countries use different voltages. Consider a dual voltage travel dryer that can switch from 110/120V to 220/240V as needed.


3. What Type of Heating Technology Do You Need?


If you want to really know how to choose the best hair dryer, you’ve got to understand how heating works. Older hair dryers (and even some of today’s cheaper ones) used plastic or metal heating elements that fried your hair and basically cooked the water out.

Manufacturers finally realized this might not be the best way to treat hair, which can be quite fragile. Too much blow-drying of this type left hair nearly ruined.

So, after experimenting with different technologies, most high-quality dryers now use ceramic heaters because of the natural ability ceramics have to conduct heat— ceramics produce a radiant heat that gets inside your hair follicles and heats them from the inside out rather than cooking them dry.

Interestingly enough, the same technology is often used in confined-area indoor heating because there is less risk of fire.


4. So What About Ionic Drying Technology?


Well, heating often creates positive ions that counterbalance your hair’s neutral structure, especially when using cheap heat sources. This creates an extremely frizzy look or leaves your hair looking bland and lifeless.

Ceramics go a short way towards helping because they produce negative ions, which counteract the effect, allowing your hair to retain some moisture and thus retain its body.

An ionic hair dryer takes this a step further by creating even more negative ions, and the difference can be drastic. The water molecules in your hair are broken down rather than cooked, static electricity is kept to a minimum, and your hair dries faster, leaving you with a smooth, sleek finish.


5. And Tourmaline—Is This Some Kind of Joke?


Many advanced hair dryers now incorporate a crushed semi-precious stone called tourmaline to enhance the ionic effect even further. Are they just capitalizing on the glamour effect of gemstone? Not exactly.

Tourmaline is a rare mineral that naturally produces infrared heat and negatively charged ions, going even further to protect your hair as it dries and ensuring that glossy, healthy look you want.


6. What About Size and Weight?


You might think something as small as a hair dyer can never be too heavy, but when maneuvering for particularly complicated styles or ensuring hair is evenly dried across the whole of your head, the weight of your machine can make a big difference (especially over time).

You want dry hair—not a workout.

For maximum maneuverability and flexibility, go for something lighter than a pound—some of the dryers made for stylists come as light as 12 ounces.


7. Which Special Settings and Accessories Should You Consider?


There are plenty of different settings and accessories available on today’s hair dryers as well. Diffusers, for instance, allow you to lift hair and dry underneath, so you can add character to your hair. Other attachments are used to focus the heat in one specific spot, which is great for straightening.

You might also consider a dryer with an adjustable heat output; when your hair is only slightly wet, there’s no need to abuse it.

Or, check out cool shot buttons, a feature that dries quickly with a few seconds of cool air, setting a sprayed style in place. Unlike hot hair, hair dried with cool air holds its shape well.




So, now you know a little bit more about how to choose the best hair dryer and can make a somewhat educated purchasing decision. Take some time to check out our honest, detailed hair dryer reviews to see fantastic models that incorporate all your favorite features, creating the perfect hair dryer for you.