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Andis 82005

Andis 82005 Review

If you want a multifunctional hair dryer that incorporates all the latest modern technologies, then Andis 82005 is the perfect choice. Andis is known for making quality products and 82005 can be considered as one of their top notch creations. It is powerful. It is based on an effective ionic technology. Sure, many of the hair dryers manufactured today have it, but Andis has brought it to perfection.  Andis 82005 Main … [Read More...]

Elchim 2001

Elchim 2001 Review

Not all hair dryers are created equal, and it can take some time and research to find one that has all of the features you want and need in order to get that perfect look. There is nothing like a bad hair day to ruin your mood and make you want to stay in bed. Elchim understands how important your hair is to your overall look. That’s why they designed the Elchim 2001 Professional hair dryer. It provides a constant and even temperature that … [Read More...]

BaByliss Pro BABTTW5586

BaByliss Pro BABTTW5586 TT Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Review

Ever since hair dryers were invented they have been an integral part of achieving a good hair day. Over the years, they have evolved to not only dry your hair but condition it and give it a healthy-looking shine as well. The makers of the BaByliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer understand that when you look great on the outside, you feel great on the inside. Whether you’re going to work or out for a night out on the town, your hair has to … [Read More...]

Supersolano The Original Professional Hair Dryer

Supersolano The Original Review

If you’ve been using a hair dryer for any length of time, you’ve no doubt heard the Solano name. They’ve been around since 1976, and were the pioneers of the ‘cold shot’ button that is so popular today. They are considered leaders in the industry of hair dryers, curling irons and straighteners, and are trusted by styling professionals all over the world. The Solano Supersolano hair dryer is ideal for professionals and home users alike. With a … [Read More...]

Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer

Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer Review

Whether you are a professional hair stylist, or you just want to get out the door faster in the morning, you need a blow dryer that is easy to use, and dries your hair quickly without damaging it.The makers of the Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer have come up with the perfect solution. This blow dryer uses advanced technology to dry your hair quickly, without frizz or damage. It conditions your hair, leaving it soft and smooth. No matter what your … [Read More...]

FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2000

FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2000 Review

The FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2000 is a high-powered professional salon hair dryer capable of drying soaking wet hair in a matter of minutes. Designed for professional use, this dryer is guaranteed to last for at least 1200 uses. The combination of nano technology and tourmaline crystals produces a moist heat that will keep your hair shiny and with no frizz. This dryer conditions your hair as it dries, keeping your moisturized and heat damage … [Read More...]

BaByliss Pro BABNT6610 Portofino 6600

BaByliss Pro BABNT6610 Portofino 6600 Review

Designed for professional hair stylists, but perfect for private consumers, the BaByliss Pro BABNT6610 Portofino 6600 is a hand held blow dryer that provides consistent results with each use. A division of Conair Corporation, BaByliss is a line of fashion industry recognized hair styling products that are currently being sold to private individuals by authorized third-party distributors. Non-professionals who have purchased a BaByliss hair dryer … [Read More...]

Bio Ionic iDry Nano-i5X

Bio Ionic iDry Nano-i5X Nano-ionic Conditioning Pro-Dryer Review

The Bio Ionic iDry Nano-i5X Nano-ionic Conditioning Pro-Dryer utilizes 5 times the far infrared technology and 5 times the level of negative ions to dry your hair faster while conditioning it. You do not need to use a conditioner on your hair after shampooing when you use this dryer. Let's have a look at the special features that the Bio Ionic iDry Nano-i5X hair dryer has to offer.  Bio Ionic iDry Nano-i5X Key Features  Not … [Read More...]

Farouk CHI 2100 Professional 1800 Watt Rocket Low EMF Hair Dryer

Farouk CHI 2100 Professional 1800 Watt Rocket Low EMF Hair Dryer Review

The Farouk CHI 2100 Professional 1800 Watt Rocket Low EMF hair dryer is a very lightweight dryer that uses a ceramic heating element to facilitate fast, non-frizzing hair drying. The far infrared and negative ion technologies will leave your hair silky smooth and shiny. This dryer will not break or dry your hair out when used regularly for many years. Let's have a look at what the Farouk CHI 2100 brings you.  Important Features of the … [Read More...]

Supersolano 3500

Supersolano 3500 1800 Watt Lite Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer Review

An award winning blow dryer that offers many great features, the Supersolano 3500 is a tough and durable blow dryer that offers a variety of features. Designed for professional use, this hair dryer is built to withstand multiple daily uses. Though it was made with salon owners in mind, the dryer is perfect for use inside of the home. Before making your purchase decision, let's have a look what it has to offer and find out what makes it so special … [Read More...]

Buyer’s Guide

Which Professional Hair Dryer is best?

When it comes to hair dryers, there are a myriad of choices, and at first glance, they may all seem the same. There are, however, some significant differences between the top brands and the brands that merely do the bare minimum. When you’re a professional stylist, you obviously want the very best that money can buy. Your clients are paying you top dollar and you want to give them a style that they will come back for again and again. After scouring the internet and reading scores of reviews, … [Read More...]

Quietest Hair Dryer You Can Buy

Professional stylists and home users alike appreciate superior quality and performance in a hair dryer. While there are a variety of features and settings that various brands provide, not many can boast being the quietest dryer on the market. The Farouk Chi GF1231 Touch Hair Dryer offers the very latest in technology, performance and innovation. It is the first dryer to incorporate a touch screen allowing users to select the desired ion, heat and speed settings. It’s also the quietest hair dryer … [Read More...]

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